Safety & Justice NY

New York Deserves Both

Albany fought for and delivered justice to New Yorkers, but we need them to ensure safety for our communities too.

Our leaders in Albany have fought tirelessly to fix New York’s criminal justice system to ensure fair and equal justice under the law for all New Yorkers.

For years, low-income New Yorkers had to unjustly remain in jail – serving time before ever being convicted of a crime – because they could not afford bail. Fortunately, our leaders enacted necessary bail reform to ensure due process and protect New Yorkers.

However, with justice, New York also needs safety. Our communities deserve no less! New Yorkers remain vulnerable as repeat offenders continue to exploit our criminal justice system to escape accountability. New York’s District Attorneys have become overwhelmed with paperwork – unable to reach impossible deadlines imposed by Albany. As a result, repeat offenders are back on our streets, committing more crimes, and wreaking havoc on our communities.

We can’t let criminals take advantage of our good will. It’s time for lawmakers in Albany to take action!

New York can have justice and safety – but Albany must act now to make this a reality.

About Us

Safety&Justice NY is a coalition of community organizations, small business owners, civic leaders and activities who have come together under the leadership of the Rev. Al Sharpton and NYS NAACP Conference President Hazel Dukes. We support efforts to enhance public safety without rolling back the State’s commitment to ensuring our criminal justice system is truly just. We support efforts from our leaders in Albany to restore justice and trust they can keep that commitment while balancing the need for public safety.